Peter S Vance

When I started, we used Polaroid. Yes, there was color then.
I'm not that old. I had to wait for over an hour for film.
Now days, if the clock spins on the computer, we all get impatient

Who Am I?

Jack Of All Trades - These days photographers need to shoot here, there, and everywhere. 
I shoot Industrial, Architecture, People, Products, Location to Studio, and even take images of great tasting food.

Behind the scenes, I am a great carpenter, sweeper, painter, janitor, and even do windows (don't tell my wife).

All Digital 

Film is a thing of the past.
The Studio is constantly updating digital abilities; from camera to the brain, and all points in-between.
Todays digital chips have more to offer, and more than most need (up to 4080x 5440).

The Digital Benefits

These days cost is always an issue and digital saves you money.
Faster, instant viewing to save time and money.
Don't forget the instant gratification factor = LESS STRESS FOR YOU.
The Studio • Digital Photography, LLC
6010 Saxon Ave.• Weston WI 54476
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Ph: 715-241-7449 • Cel: 715-571-4901

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